In this section you will find answers to all your questions. If after visiting this section you need to get more information - contact us using the feedback form in your account or by any other convenient channel of communication.

What are activities of the Multiple-fund.me?
Multiple-fund.me is officially registered company from UK involved in Forex trading and activities on London Stock Exchange.
Why it is so profitable to cooperate with Multiple-fund.me?
The high profits are provided by a rapid rate of growth of Forex market and London Stock Exchange; our financial risks are minimized by diversifying the investment of funds in different types of trading.
Is Multiple-fund.me registered and legitimate company?
Yes, of course. Multiple-fund.me is officially registered in the UK jurisdiction under registration number 10096018. You can check it on the Companies House website.
Where is the head office of Multiple-fund.me located?
The office of Multiple-fund.me is located at the following address: 160 Queen Victoria St, London, United Kingdom, EC4V 4ED. You can visit our office at the business hours.
What are the risks and guarantees for your clients?
Every investment activity has a certain degree of risk. The more significant the potential profit is, the higher the risks you meet. Multiple-fund.me has tried to find an optimal solution to provide the most acceptable balance between profit and risks. We guarantee our clients the safety of their funds and full payouts of their income.
How to become an investor of Multiple-fund.me?
Click "Registration" button at the top right of the page, go through a simple registration process by filling in all the fields and make a deposit with any amount you like, from $10 to $50,000.
How many accounts can I open with Multiple-fund.me?
Each client can open and manage only one single account. Please observe this rule.
I have problems with logging into account. What can you advise me?
First, make sure you enter the correct data for logging in. If you have forgotten or lost your password, use the function of "Forgot password". Enter email address you used to register and click "Reset password".
Can I delete my account from the system?
Yes, please contact our customer support team via feedback form and we'll settle the matter.
What kind of investment plans do you offer?
Multiple-fund.me offers three investment plans with daily profit of 9% to 10% for 15 calendar days depending on the size of deposit amount.
What payment processors do you accept now?
Currently we accept Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Advanced Cash and NIX money. If you don't have any of such accounts you should register one of them.
How to make a deposit?
Go to "Make Deposit" section and enter deposit amount. Select payment processor and click "MAKE DEPOSIT". Then just follow further instructions.
What is the minimum and maximum amount I can invest here?
Minimum deposit is only $10, maximum deposit is $50,000.
How much time does it take to add deposit in my Multiple-fund.me account?
Deposit via any electronic payment processor will be held immediately and deposit adding as well. In case you invest Bitcoin, your deposit will be credited after 3 confirmations.
I have sent money to you according to instructions, but it was not appear in my account?
In such a situation, you need to contact client support via email or feedback form, describe your problem and let us know your username, deposit amount, payment processor and transaction details (batch).
What are the minimum and maximum withdrawals?
You can withdraw any available amount from your account balance. Minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1. There is no maximum restriction to withdraw.
How fast you process withdrawal requests?
Withdrawals are processed instantly in automatic mode after your request.
Can I get my principal amount back?
Your principal amount is included in daily accruals. It means that every day you get part of your deposit back.
Affiliate program
Does Multiple-fund.me have some affiliate program?
Yes, we have one-tier affiliate program which offers reward of 5% on the deposits made by people you have referred.
Who can become my referral?
Absolutely anyone who is interested in investment activities can become your referral. There are no any restrictions in this matter.
How can I attract referrals?
You can tell your friends about how you earn using social media. Show as your own example what income you got and it is likely they will want to join you. Before your friends will sign up, give them your referral link to register by it. It will bring you extra income that you will be able to withdraw immediately.
Can I earn referrals commission if I'm not active investor?
Yes, you can.
When do you pay referral commissions?
Referral commission can be requested when you want as usual profit.
What can I do with the funds received under the affiliate program?
These funds are totally yours and you can use them at your own discretion: you can make deposit or withdraw them.
Who is company's representative?
Company's representative of the company is party to our project who sent us the appropriate request with his personal and contact details. He is involved in attracting new investors and has opportunity to earn high referral fee.
What commission the company's representative has?
Status of regional representative allows to earn 8% affiliate commission.
Is there any difference between the ordinary commission and representative's commission in the form of payment?
Both types of rewards are credited automatically after making deposit by your referral. You can order this amount at any time.
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Affiliate program
Affiliate proposal and terms of cooperation for representatives.
Company registration details
In 2016, the company was officially added into register of British companies. Full registration details are available on the Companies House website.
Company Number:
Contact us
  • Company HQ:
    160 Queen Victoria St
    London EC4V 4ED
    United Kingdom
  • Phone:
    +44 203 5145609
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