How to start


In order to become a full client of you need to go through a short registration process which will require from you a minimum information and time. The company does not require identity of your personality or providing any documents. Our investment service is completely anonymous; we respect your privacy and are not demanding to abandon it. When you register, you only need to choose a login and set a strong password. Use only complex password and never disclose it. This will protect your account from unauthorized entry. When you register you have to also enter your payment details that you want to use in the future to make deposits and withdraw profits.


Immediately after registration you can make a new deposit. To do this, go to "Make Deposit" section in your account. Given the fact that we offer a single investment period - 15 days - you just have to specify deposit amount on the basis of which you will be getting a profit from 104% to 139% after 1 hour. Read the terms of the proposed investment strategy and make a deposit of at least $10. Currently we accept Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Advanced Cash and NIX money. Your deposit will be credited quite fast after sending the funds.

step team works during working days, from Monday to Friday. However, this is not an obstacle for the accruals and payments of profit in other days. Once your deposit has been added to our system the first profit (and all subsequent) will be accrued in exactly 24 hours, every calendar day of work of your deposit. You can withdraw your profit every day at any time, and your application will be processed automatically and instantly.


In addition to profitable investment you have the opportunity to earn extra income in the form of affiliate commissions. After registering of your account get referral link there and find animated banners. These tools can be used at various sites, forums and blogs. When someone clicks your link for registration, he automatically becomes your referral. As soon as your referral makes a deposit, you get a reward in the amount of 5% of its size. Withdrawal of affiliate commissions is possible immediately after accrual.


If you want to become a part of team, we invite you to become an official representative of the company in your country. This means that you will be added to the list of our partners on the website. Every visitor will be able to find your contact details and use your referral link for registration. This is an excellent opportunity for passive search of clients and to obtain increased affiliate commissions - each deposit of your referral will bring you a reward in the amount of 8%.

Company registration details
In 2016, the company was officially added into register of British companies. Full registration details are available on the Companies House website.
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    160 Queen Victoria St
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    United Kingdom
  • Phone:
    +44 203 5145609
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